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Schneider Electric Awarded the Title of "The World's Most Ethical Companies in 2018" by the American Moral Association

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· Schneider Electric won the honor for the eighth year in a row, which is highly recognized by the Group's adherence to the code of business ethics and its active corporate social responsibility
Only 135 winning companies come from 57 different industries in 23 countries

Beijing, China, February 28, 2018 - Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation of energy efficiency management and automation, announced today that it has won the title of "The World's Most Ethical Company in 2018, by the Ethisphere® Institute 2018 World's Most Ethical Companies ". The American Association of Moral Cultures is a global leader in the development and promotion of business ethics standards. This is Schneider Electric won the honor for the eighth consecutive year.

The annual "Worlds Leading Business Ethics®" rankings was created in 2006 to recognize excellence in the industry as an ethical example of business excellence, enhance business performance standards and make it a long-term strategy that is right and effective. The company is assessed on five key areas: ethics and compliance programs, corporate citizenship and responsibility, ethical culture, governance and leadership, innovation and reputation. In 2018, a total of 135 enterprises from 57 industries in 23 countries were listed, of which only three were French enterprises.

Schneider Electric won the honor for the eighth consecutive year

For Schneider Electric, the eighth prize is as important as the first prize. As noted by Emmanuel Babeau, CEO of Schneider Electric Finance & Legal Agencies, "Schneider Electric is pleased to receive this award, which confirms our consistent commitment to our corporate, social and environmental responsibility strategies and our expectations from our stakeholders "This is a guarantee that businesses will be able to provide innovative solutions that people are happy to use.Customers are increasingly weighing on our recognition and honors in terms of ethics."

Timothy Erblich, chief executive of the Ethics Association of America, added: "A stronger voice emerged in 2017 when there was a profound shift in world rhetoric: global businesses operating under common regulations are becoming the most powerful societies to improve the status quo in the human race Power over the past year, we see more and more companies have made their own voices, especially the most ethical companies in the world, as always, demonstrated outstanding leadership. The Schneider Electric re-selected 'Global The most ethical company, 'and here I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to every member of the Group. "

Take practical actions to fulfill the far-reaching promises of business ethics and corporate social responsibility

Schneider Electric places the Code of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of its business strategy and pledges to comply with the highest standards in its operations. This is not a bad promise. In 2002, Schneider Electric introduced the "Principles of Responsibility" guideline to regulate the behavior of Group employees around the world; and regularly presented in-house and industry initiatives to promote change. For example, in 2017, Schneider Electric introduced new face-to-face and electronic training modules to help employees ensure the business integrity of their business, at the highest risk of corruption. In order to broaden its scope of responsibility, the company has also introduced a more comprehensive, supplier-oversight program to strengthen its responsibility in the human rights and environmental protection of its supply chain. In addition, the company launched a "Responsibility & Ethics Dynamics" project to support employees in following the "Responsibility Principles" guidelines and resolving any issues that may arise. The project combines prevention and advice with surveys and controls, and it also serves as an indicator of business ethics performance assessments on the Schneider Electric Planet & Society Barometer to communicate regularly within the company And audit. In the latest published result (Q3 2017), Schneider Electric has made significant progress in its supply chain accountability, with 84.6% of its suppliers following the ISO 26000 standard, up from 48% in early 2015. Meanwhile, 88.7% of Schneider Electric employees passed internal code of ethics and conduct assessment, compared with 79% in the previous quarter.

About American Moral Association

The American Association of Moral Cultures is a global leader in the development and promotion of standards of business ethics and encourages businesses to improve their corporate image, increase market trust and drive business success through these hands-on activities. The association has deep expertise in measuring and developing core ethical standards and uses data-driven insights to help companies enhance their corporate image and measure and improve their corporate culture. The American Association of Moralities and Villages recognizes the company's outstanding achievements through its recognition of the Most Ethical Companies in the World program and builds a community of industry experts through the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA). To learn more about the American Association of Moral Cunas, visit: https://ethisphere.com

About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of energy efficiency management and automation in residential, building, data center, infrastructure and industrial sectors.
Schneider Electric operates in more than 100 countries and is the undisputed leader in energy management including medium voltage, low voltage and critical power supplies and automation systems. We are able to provide our customers with total energy efficiency solutions that integrate energy, automation and software.
In our global ecosystem, Schneider Electric is working with a great many partners, integrators and developer communities on its own open platform to provide users with real-time control and operational efficiencies.
We believe that excellent talents and partners make Schneider Electric a great company. In the meantime, Schneider Electric's commitment to innovation, diversification and sustainability will also ensure that every individual, at all times and everywhere, enjoys Life Is On.

For more information, visit www.schneider-electric.cn
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