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working principle:
    In large-scale industrial production, it is often necessary to evaporate a large amount of moisture, which requires the consumption of a large amount of energy to heat water to generate steam. In order to reduce the consumption of heating steam, multi-effect evaporation can be used. Passing the heating steam into an evaporator, the solution is heated and boils, and the resulting secondary steam pressure and temperature are lower than the original heating steam (i.e., raw steam), but this secondary steam can still be managed. In multi-effect evaporation, the secondary steam can be used as heating steam and introduced into another evaporator. As long as the pressure in the evaporation chamber and the boiling point of the solution in the latter are both lower than those in the original evaporator, the secondary steam introduced can be The role of heating heat source. By the same token, the new secondary steam newly generated by the second evaporator can be used as the heating steam of the third evaporator. In this way, each evaporator is called an effect, and a plurality of evaporators are connected and operated together to form a multi-effect evaporation system. The evaporator added with the raw steam is called the first effect, the one heated with the first effect secondary steam is called the second effect, and so on. Recycling is used, thermal energy is reused many times, and the amount of thermal energy consumption is significantly reduced, which greatly reduces costs and increases efficiency.

main feature:
    1. Several evaporators are connected and operated, and the secondary steam generated during the evaporation in the previous evaporator is used as heating steam for the latter evaporator.

    2. Repeated use of thermal energy to significantly reduce thermal energy consumption.

The main types of conventional evaporators are single-effect evaporators, double-effect evaporators, three-effect evaporators, four-effect evaporators, and five-effect evaporators.

Application range:
    Multi-effect evaporators are widely used in the evaporation and concentration of water or solutions in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industry, etc., and can be widely used in the wastewater treatment of the above industries. The multi-effect evaporator has many advantages such as high evaporation capacity, energy saving, and low operating costs.

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