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Engineer story sharing(5)

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Tell me about my industrial control, I graduated from Wuxi University in 2007 and graduated from work in 2010.
Because my dad is a self-study of mold manufacturing, the annual salary is currently 15W, but later the village chief did not do this, so he wanted to let me learn the mold design, so that I can work together to open a mold shop in the future. But at the time, I was a bit rebellious, and then the mechatronics required a higher score than the mold design, so it was a coincidence that I entered the professional study of mechatronics.
The good life of the university will not be said.
After graduation, my dad asked me to go home and learn mold design with him (my dad is a mold master, I want to follow the designer to learn drawing design), and then take my girlfriend to my dad's factory to go to the board, female My friend is a clerk, and I am studying drawing design. On the first day after I went to work, after I went, the master of the design gave me a CAD shortcut key form, let me practice, then I started drawing, practicing various shortcut keys, and after two days of proficiency, I started experimenting with each. On the third day, the designer told me that you don’t have to be here all the time. I was young and angry. I knew that he didn’t want to teach me. I just played computer and playing games in the dormitory every day. After half a year, in early 2011, I returned to Wuxi with my girlfriend, rented a house and started looking for a working career. At that time, the demand was not high, but it could not be too low. Wuxi’s basic salary was 860. The next day I stayed I went to find a job. At that time, I also found 4.5 companies to understand the market. The drafters really didn't want to go. 1500 pieces a month. Not enough, but also with a girlfriend. At that time, I was only interested in high wages. I went to a company to work for one month during the internship, so I know that the maintenance salary is high, about 3K.
So I kept looking until I found the first company, equipment maintenance. The company is making film for camera lenses. I am maintaining the machine, talking about the basic salary of 1800, the last four rests, and I have to count 3,000.
After entering the company, I was really a dish from the university. Which one is the wrench can not recognize. I only knew the screwdriver, and then started my working life, the upper board, the normal water treatment, the pure water machine check, the meter reading, the computer, and the morning passed. I went to the washing machine to change the cleaning liquid at noon, and did some repairs in the afternoon. After working for the faucet, I learned that it was a facility worker for half a year. At that time, I thought that I thought it was good, ** 哄哄, from the company that entered in March of the 11th, to the 12th of October, a message from friends, let me I have a child toy together, I have a plan to resign, 12 years in November. I resigned and went home to eat a meal with my friends. I talked about it. As a result, my friend said that it is not good to do it. Only one person can do it. I have waited until the end of the year. In February, I returned to Wuxi to continue looking for a job. This time I know to find a repair, this is my goal.
I arrived in Wuxi in February. At that time, because the smartphones were not so developed, I could only go to the job fair. There was a special session in 3.4.6 per week. At that time, it was a sea of people. There were about 200 booths, but many of them were recruiting operators. I am looking for, I work for a year and a half, the resume says equipment maintenance, people ask me to be embarrassed, I said the maintenance of the automatic cleaning machine, because the washing machine is relatively high-end, fully automatic, but to be honest I really did not Repaired, I went to the interview, people asked me, did you have an electrician certificate, I said no, will the motor reverse circuit? I said no, no doubt I will be eliminated, then I will search for the motor on the Internet. The transfer method, in fact, these are in the books of the university, but I do not like to study, the university exam 5, hanging 5. Then I learned the positive and negative circuits, went to the interview, or not, saying that I used to do the facilities, not the equipment maintenance, in short, the total bumps.
Later, I remembered my conversation with Dad. He said that he didn't understand electricity. Otherwise, he could be the factory manager. His salary doubled. At that time, he was 12W's annual salary. Listening to him said that I have a goal. To be an electrician, I must Do an electrician, then send a resume, electrical security, etc., people ask me what will be, I said automatic cleaning machine, he asked PLC again, the university learned a little, let me do a traffic light control, I look like, I am a PLC in the school, of course, it is still eliminated.
Going home, take the school's PLC book and take a look at it. I learned about programming, car, traffic lights. I used the STL-stepping program, but I still can't get an interview. I was stunned in Wuxi in February. In the month, I think about leaving in December last year. I have been in the company for half a year. I have been interviewed by 50 companies during the interview. I have not done it for various reasons. The main reason is that my personal level is too bad. Short circuits are all uncertain, only a fluorescent lamp can be replaced. Later, I went to an auto parts interview again and led the Koreans. I asked me, would you like to study? I said, I immediately took me to the workshop and I was really interested in seeing the equipment for workshop automation. After more than half a month, on June 3, 2013, I entered the car company, Korean auto parts, you know.
I did the electrical maintenance. At that time, an old electrical security led me to the maintenance class. He was big, 1 meter, 9,200 pounds. I felt very wretched at 1.78. After going there, a total of 20 people, we are both electrical. There is also an electric night shift. Three days after I came, let me go to night shift, because this big man is not good enough to get on the night shift.
Three days later, my first night shift, the equipment was broken, and it was processing equipment. CNC, but with Mitsubishi PLC to control some logic actions, switch doors, etc., alarm, I took the notebook, I want to shield it. At that time, it wouldn't be, direct SHIFT+F4, all written, another fault occurred, but it can work, I am gone, really not,
The car company did electrical maintenance for 13 years, overtime on Saturday, 10 hours and 10 hours, about 4,000 yuan. I heard that the year-end bonus is 4-6 months, that is, around 12,500. I decided to do it right now, but before me. The foundation is too bad, nothing will happen, only slowly learn, what is the thing in the electric cabinet, I will recognize the switch, I still don't know what switch he is calling, of course, now definitely know, there are contactors, heat Relays, inverters, PLCs, etc. all correspond to the model search page. At that time, Xiaomi 1 just came out for two years. The millet 1 used can be searched, which can help me learn quickly, and I don’t understand the automation circuit. However, after two months, my first job crisis appeared.
I also recruited 2 electrics, plus three of us before, a total of 5 people, I am not a very loving person, and then two people, one is active, one electrician can, then the leader immediately finds I talked and said, you have also done it for two months. People react to your ability to judge. (I do electrical maintenance is the most important judgment ability.) I know what it means, I didn’t speak, then the leader continued to say, you This work is also not very good, write a resignation list yourself, the factory dismissed you ugly, because at the time of the trial period, I did not resist, then the Korean leader came to talk to me, asked me to learn, I Honestly, the PLC connection can be no problem now. The CALIPER (a production line name, brakes) program can be basically modified. In fact, it was only a fur at the time, and the leader said it was known. I was disheartened at the time. The first time I was dismissed, my mood was always bad, and my performance was even worse. As a result, the Chinese leader came to me in the afternoon and said that I will reopen the meeting. Give you a chance, behave well, don't be lazy.
At that time, I was not excited to be fake. I was very happy at the moment and worked hard for a while. . for a while. . .
In the first half of the year, this level of knowledge has risen very quickly. After half a year, I feel that the progress is very slow. I don’t know how to learn. Although many things are still not there, I was really stupid and didn’t really understand my needs. I felt like the big man was so powerful, I asked him, how can you practice this big level? So powerful, he said that you should study hard. After 3 years, you must be as powerful or more than me, because of your The savvy is good. I didn't think it was at the time. I felt that the savvy thing is similar to everyone. Until now I realized that savvy really exists.
The big one became the team leader, and it was even more powerful. The company used Mitsubishi Q.A series PLCs, and some small LGs, which are really difficult to use, and have now been eliminated. My PLC level has been stuck in the revision and modification. Later, because there is a high level of workshop automation, but it is not perfect, and the fault is relatively high, I was assigned to this workshop to do full-time electrical, only to deal with the fault of this workshop. This workshop program is very difficult, the instructions are more complicated, one day I took the simplest procedure of the first station from the first step, see the last step, know that the program should have, AUTO, MANUAL, ALARM, I / O, etc., know the flow of the program. It’s just getting started.

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