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Engineer story sharing(7)

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Friends who use Siemens products mentioned that the topic of software installation will be very emotional, because most people are out of the Xijia software installation quagmire, there is sweat and tears. Most of the experienced colleagues also praised the ultimate trick of "can't reload the system." The following is a brief summary of the painful and happy installation journey.

1, the most heart-to-heart installation: PCAccess + WinCC + Win7 system

  Since 1200 PLC with 1.0 firmware is used for WinCC, the OPC connection method using PCAccess is selected. The computer is Win7_64 bit system, and the SP6 version of PCAccess only supports Win7_64 bit system, but there is no complete installation version of SP6 in hand, just upgrade the installation package. So you must first install the SP5 version, and then install the SP6 upgrade package. After several uninstalls, reboots, and reinstallation, I finally installed PCAccess SP6 (including the installation and uninstallation of STEP7-Micro/WIN V4.0 SP9). I thought it was almost the same. In fact, the tempering has just begun. When installing the PG/PC interface, it is dumbfounded. It is impossible to select or add the TCP/IP network interface. The hot line is not solved. Later, I accidentally saw on the Internet that it seems that this problem will occur after the installation of Boto V13SP1, but it cannot be solved, but V13 is no problem. At that time, my computer was indeed Boto V13SP1, I could only find another computer (not installed), and it was a round of tossing. After installing PCAccess, I could choose the network card interface. The connection 1200 test was normal. After wiping a sweat, I thought I finally got it. In fact, the experience will enter the most dangerous stage.

  The next step is to install WinCC 7.0 (SP3). After installing WinCC, I found that the PCAccess test runs and reports an error. In the forum and online search solution, it is all dead. At that time, the heart was loaded with the operating system. After the installation, I found that it was still the same. I wanted to cry without tears, and I was ready to give up. In the process of annoyance, the idea of "trying with Win7_32 bit system" suddenly appeared in my mind. I continued to reinstall the 32-bit Win7 system, and installed the software one day. Finally, WinCC can be used normally through PCAccess connection 1200. The installation took more than 2 days, the system was reloaded 2 times, and WinCC was installed 3 times, creating many records.

2, the most unexplained installation: V90 debugging software V-ASSISTANT

  After the installation of V-ASSISTANT, the USB connection V90 is always connected (Win7 system), the driver is also installed, and reinstalling the operating system (for other versions) is still not possible. But then I used another person's computer (Microsoft Surface + Win10 operating system) to connect. I can't figure it out because the people around me can use Win7 system. Is my computer a bit evil? So until now, V-ASSSISTANT has not been used to debug V90. It is used to set parameters and optimize debugging with Boto software. In fact, it is estimated that it is also related to the operating system version, and I am too lazy to try.

  In addition to these two impressive installations, the rest of the time was quite smooth. And after the storm, see the rainbow, when you cross the installation of this hurdle, you can sneak into the West's profound product application journey.
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