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Embark on the journey of interconnected change

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As a company with a history of 100 years, what is the secret behind the success of Rockwell Automation? What new layouts will be made for the future development of the enterprise? On November 14, 2018, Rockwell Automation's annual Automation Fair officially kicked off. Leading manufacturers, media and industry analysts from around the world gathered in Philadelphia to get a closer look at the automation. The charm of the leader. Industrial Control Xiaobian was fortunate to have a conversation with Rockwell Automation Chairman and CEO Blake Moret and Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific President Joe Sousa, who discussed the development of cutting-edge technology in the automation industry.

Keywords: interconnection

At the event site of Rockwell Automation, it seems that people always feel a rare open atmosphere in the industrial field, many partners, cutting-edge technology, and in-depth cooperation with PTC... all these elements are for us. Demonstrate an open, connected business model that is more confident.

At the moment, the ever-changing communication technology is changing everything around us. The definition of many things is being rewritten, and the manufacturing industry at the core is no exception. The rapid development of contemporary technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data has made "interconnection" one of the key words in the history of industrial development. In a timely manner, Rockwell Automation has proactively put forward the vision of “Connected Enterprise” many years ago, and is committed to improving the production efficiency and economy of the enterprise through the integration of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operation Technology). Benefits and sustainability. Today, this vision is reflected in the Automation Fair.


Blake Moret, Chairman and CEO, Rockwell Automation

“Rockwell Automation is committed to making connected businesses a reality. We help our customers integrate devices and information across the enterprise to increase productivity,” says Blake Moret. Whether the customer is in the early stages of “interconnecting” or has a foundation, Rockwell Automation can provide customers with customized solutions based on the specific stages they are in, enabling them to grow steadily. Blake Moret further explained, “In the process of working with PTC, we realized that our customers have invested in many different applications and we do not recommend them to remove them. Instead, we can use these applications to help our customers further. Moving forward. In addition, Rockwell Automation combines technology and services to help customers reduce risk and bring more improvements to their customers."

Keywords: cooperation

The market is constantly changing, and more companies are beginning to realize that only the advantages of integration can meet the demands of rapidly changing industries, markets and users. “For a long time, we have always adhered to the concept of cooperation and win-win. We know that no big company can provide first-class solutions for all industries and all applications by itself,” Blake Moret said. “So we always Going side by side with partners.” It is understood that in addition to the resources of Rockwell Automation itself, Rockwell Automation has a strong partner and distributors around the world, which can be applied according to different industries. Users recommend the right system integrator. Rockwell Automation is able to provide more professional assistance to businesses, communicating with customers not only with Rockwell Automation employees, but also with external groups familiar with their technology and processors.

In the process of promoting “interconnected enterprises”, cooperation is the key to success. Without a complete ecological chain support, it is impossible to achieve. Blake Moret said: “Our ecosystem we work with partners supports three main goals: technology innovation, application domain expertise and market access. Among them, distributors are an example of market access, while expertise is From system integrators, the partnership with PTC is a classic example of technological innovation.” In 2018, in order to further implement the vision of connected companies, Rockwell Automation made a $1 billion equity investment in PTC. Cooperation with PTC will further accelerate the development of connected companies.

By building an ecosystem that combines partners' products and services to enhance Rockwell Automation's solutions to further help customers get the most value. “Rockwell Automation is a long-established automation company, but it is also being introduced into the IT and software arena. As we move forward, our global network of partners will continue to grow, especially in software, communications, Security and other areas," Blake Moret said.

Keywords: progress and change

At the moment, companies all over the world are in a very competitive environment. To achieve more favorable development, they must maintain sufficient competitiveness. This increase in competitiveness comes from more advanced technology, and relying on continuous technological advancement to provide users with powerful, low-cost, reliable and globally available products.


John Sousa, President, Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific

Nowadays, the new landscape is being shaped, and companies need to find the best application scenarios that drive the future industrial automation market. In this regard, Rockwell Automation has its own strategic layout. In FY 2018, Rockwell Automation achieved impressive results in the transportation, consumer goods, life sciences, oil, gas and chemical industries, as well as mining and cement industries, with sales reaching $6.7 billion. “These industries have been the focus of our attention in recent years, and we have very suitable solutions for different industries,” said Joe Sousa. “Today, China’s manufacturing industry is entering a new stage of development, which is more for us. It is a good opportunity. In the future, Rockwell Automation will continue to focus on some core industry sectors, relying on strong manufacturing capabilities and strong government support to further promote the development of China's manufacturing market."

The world is changing, the industry is developing, technology is innovating, and the new wave of change is coming, and it is unstoppable. "Digitalization" and "smart manufacturing" have long been the main theme of this era. With the advent of the Internet era, Rockwell Automation has also been given a new mission in the transformation and upgrading. Advanced industrial automation technology is to promote the transformation of equipment manufacturing. An important tool for upgrading and moving to the high end. Only through smart devices, realizing the value of data, and stimulating the greatest potential through the Internet can we be invincible in this era of change.

The wave of technology has swept through and the market has evolved with each passing day. Any company that wants to achieve sustainable development must constantly “revolve” itself. As Blake Moret puts it: “In the era of change, everything is possible, we can expand the infinite possibilities of humanity, and we will make the connection closer.”

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