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The world's smart manufacturing top ten scientific and technological progress

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Data-driven intelligent quality information management system
Data Driven Smart Quality Information Management System
Shortlist reasons:
Hexagon's intelligent quality management system runs through product design, process, manufacturing and inspection, and the information quality system linking “quality data management” and “quality process management”. Maximize the value of quality data by converging product lifecycle quality data and supply chain data. Companies using the system can build electronic quality files for the entire life cycle of products, implement CAD-based measurement and quality analysis, use quality big data analysis engines, build quality knowledge bases, and achieve product lifecycle quality traceability.
Keywords: quality BOM, quality data, quality process, product life cycle, MBD

Intelligent Manufacturing FA Solution Pack iQ Monozukuri
Intelligent Manufacturing FASolution Package–iQ Monozukuri
Shortlist reasons:
Based on the results of the e-F@ctoryAlliance partner, Mitsubishi Electric has launched the Mitsubishi Intelligent Manufacturing FA Solution Package iQMonozukuri. The package combines Japanese lean manufacturing with FA equipment, combining predecessors' extensive experience with automation products to help customers quickly import intelligent manufacturing systems. Through a combination of programmable controllers and human-machine interfaces, iQMonozukuri can help customers of all sizes to enable workers on the manual unit production line to install the right parts in the right way. With the standardization of the installation process in the process, the company was able to significantly shorten the training time of new employees and achieve zero error in manual assembly work.
Keywords: intelligent manufacturing, lean production, rapid deployment

Cloud manufacturing system led by a new generation of artificial intelligence technology
Cloud Manufacturing System Ledby the New-Generation AI
Shortlist reasons:
Innovatively propose a cloud manufacturing system with new connotation, architecture and technical system under the guidance of a new generation of artificial intelligence technology. Under the leadership of Aerospace Cloud Network, a subsidiary of the Aerospace Science and Industry Group, the team integrated a number of key technologies in the fields of new manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and information and communication, successfully developed a prototype of the system, and developed a new intelligent manufacturing cloud service platform INDICS+CMSS. Product clusters such as edge computers have built “international cloud”, “public cloud” and “proprietary cloud”, and successfully realized “information interoperability, resource sharing, capacity coordination, and open cooperation in ten major industries such as aerospace and general equipment manufacturing. Mutual benefit and win-win."
Keywords: cloud manufacturing, new generation artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing system, manufacturing resource/capability/product cloud service platform, industrial APP

Unified Operations Center for Process Industry Integrated Value Chain Optimization Technology
Unified Operations Center with Value-chain Optimization for Process Plants
Shortlist reasons:
AVEVA's unified operation center solution helps enterprises upgrade the centralized control center to the hub of enterprise collaborative work, open up information islands, realize the situationalization of operational data, and interconnect with business data, so that the operation team can optimize based on accurate real-time information. decision making. Based on the AVEVA System Platform system platform, the Unified Operations Center uses proven templates and operational key KPIs to fully integrate data from production, process, engineering, maintenance and finance. Combined with the evaluation and optimization techniques of the value chain, the Unified Operations Center supports enterprises to build a unified operation model from raw material evaluation, production scheduling to distribution network.
Keywords: unified operation, value chain optimization, process plant, operational visualization, decision support

"Smart +5G" mass customization test verification platform
"Intelligent+5G" Mass Customization Test and Verification Platform
Shortlist reasons:
Haier Industrial Intelligence Research Institute's "smart +5G" mass customization test and verification platform, with the mass customization model as the core, integrates and integrates the key technologies of intelligent manufacturing, and carries the whole process, the full value chain and the product life cycle. Production display and technical verification capabilities. The platform uses 5G+MEC edge calculation as the network foundation, and selects 7 scenarios such as augmented reality and machine vision as the main upper-layer applications to form an end-to-end 5G smart factory overall solution. The platform provides a pioneering opportunity for new technology applications, significantly reducing trial and error costs, shortening the plant construction cycle, and greatly improving the deployment efficiency of enterprise equipment and platform APP in the industrial Internet field.
Keywords: smart +5G, mass customization, intelligent manufacturing, test verification

IoT-based Emalytics intelligent building energy efficiency management system
IoT-based Emalytics Intelligent Building Energy Efficiency Management System
Reason for selection:
The Emalytics intelligent building energy efficiency management system and the ILC 2050 BI intelligent building controller from Phoenix Contact are an IoT-based intelligent factory building system energy efficiency management solution that effectively breaks through all aspects of the modern smart factory energy system and is based on IoT's latest Technology provides an extension of more management tools for plant operations. The system provides the factory with a comfortable environment for the public facilities system, effectively combines these systems with the production process, optimizes energy consumption, thereby improving the reliability and availability of the entire smart factory, extending the life cycle of each system, and achieving preventive maintenance. Reduce management and maintenance costs.
Keywords: intelligent building automation management system, energy management and optimization, energy-saving process algorithm package, industrial-grade plant controller, preventive maintenance

Factory Talk Innovation Suite at your fingertips
Factory Talk Innovation Suite, Actionable Information at the Fingertips
Reason for selection:
The Rockwell FactoryTalk Innovation Suite integrates the IoT platform, machine learning and analysis, MES systems, and AR augmented reality scened experiences into one platform. The system helps companies achieve real-time production and performance monitoring, implement predictive and responsive maintenance, complete digital work orders, and integrate equipment/machine analysis to keep track of what's happening in the plant, anticipate problems before problems occur, and streamline integration Information collection and analysis process throughout the enterprise.
Keywords: Internet of Things, machine learning, data analysis

Intelligent manufacturing integrated platform for control cabinet based on digital twins
Control Cabinet Intelligent Manufacturing Integrated Platform Based on Digital Twins
Reason for selection:
EPLAN's intelligent manufacturing integrated platform based on digital hygiene is jointly created by Yipan Software and Rittal. The platform is built on the digital cloud platform of Yipan Software, and realizes the digitalization, unification and unification of the control cabinet products in the whole life cycle of design, procurement, manufacturing, operation and service through digital design. This all-in-one digital design and manufacturing model enables control cabinet manufacturers to create collaborative manufacturing systems for design and production processes that maximize the automation of control cabinets.
Keywords: intelligent manufacturing, cloud platform, digital twinning, digitization
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About "The World's Intelligent Manufacturing Top Ten Technology Progress"
In 2019, the International Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance (CSO) continued to track the frontier technology and application trends of intelligent manufacturing with intelligent workshops/factories, intelligent manufacturing technologies and equipment, foundations, standards, and service models. The practical case of manufacturing, selected "the world's smart manufacturing top ten scientific and technological progress."

The research, recommendation and selection of “Top Ten Scientific and Technological Developments in Smart Manufacturing in the World” are mainly in terms of innovation, application effectiveness, influence, and future expectations. They are cutting-edge, novel or substantive and exemplary in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Technological breakthroughs; solving technical difficulties in the field of intelligent manufacturing or industry hotspots; having a certain impact on labor productivity, efficiency returns, contribution to ecological and living environment improvement, and improvement of industry innovation capabilities and competitiveness.

About the International Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance
The International Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance) is an international cooperation formed by voluntary, equal and mutually beneficial organizations of science and technology associations, enterprises, scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning that actively promote smart manufacturing in various countries and regions of the world. Organization is an unofficial, non-profit international cooperative organization. The Association of Intelligent Manufacturing Societies of the China Association for Science and Technology has jointly initiated the formation of 66 institutions in 16 countries including the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Israel and Malaysia. .

The alliance will closely focus on the development needs of international intelligent manufacturing, with academic exchanges, cooperative research and personnel training as the main tasks. Through international conferences, forums, exchanges of visits, and online exchanges, the Alliance conducts dialogues and exchanges on smart manufacturing infrastructure technologies, industry applications, and solution promotion. The Alliance will focus on organizing the development of smart manufacturing in the world. Research on frontier technology and development roadmap, research and selection of “World's Top Ten Technology Innovations in Intelligent Manufacturing”; alliance to build a cooperation platform to build global manufacturing enterprises, smart manufacturing solution providers, universities and research institutions on production, research and talents Cooperation in training.

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