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B & R launches new Compact-S PLC with double the storage capacity

Last Updated on 2020-04-08 Hits:3650
B & R is launching the new Compact-S PLC, which has 512 MB of RAM and 2 GB of internal flash memory. This makes the RAM capacity of the X20CP0484-1 more than twice that of previous models in the Compact-S series. It is ideal for applications that have high requirements for memory and performance.
X20CP0484-1 is a part of B & R's compact PLC products, and its width including power supply is only 37.5 mm. Through Ethernet, POWERLINK, USB and RS232, provide a variety of communication options, but also can choose CAN interface. Since there is no fan or battery, the PLC does not require maintenance.

X20 I / O modules can be directly connected to the controller and arranged seamlessly. Therefore, the entire system can save a lot of space for the control cabinet. Even if the size is relatively small, the controller can provide built-in power for itself and the connected I / O modules, without using a separate power module, it is a compact automation solution.

About B & R

B & R is an innovation-driven automation company headquartered in Austria and has branches around the world. In July 2017, B & R became the global machine and factory automation business unit of the ABB Group. As a global leader in industrial automation, B & R combines cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering capabilities to provide complete solutions for machine and factory automation, motion control, HMI, and integrated safety technology for customers in various industries. Through industrial Internet of Things communication standards such as OPC UA, POWERLINK and openSAFETY, and B & R's powerful Automation Studio software development environment, B & R continuously redefines the future of automation engineering. B & R maintains a continuous spirit of innovation, providing customers with more streamlined and more advanced technology and solutions in the field of industrial automation than expected.
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