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Introduction to Terminal Blocks​

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Terminals are a kind of accessory products used to realize electrical connections, and are industrially divided into the category of connectors. As the degree of industrial automation becomes higher and the requirements for industrial control become stricter and more precise, the amount of wiring terminals is gradually increasing. With the development of the electronics industry, the scope of use of terminal blocks is increasing, and there are more and more types. In addition to PCB terminals, the most widely used terminals include hardware terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals, and so on.

History development

In 1928, Phoenix Contact invented the world's first modular terminal block. This is the prototype of modern terminals, and it is also the first invention patent that Phoenix Contact applied for and obtained. Since then, Phoenix Contact has been passionate about innovation, committed to the development of various connection technologies, and formed a complete electrical interface technology system, many of which have become industry application standards.


The terminal block is used to facilitate the connection of wires. It is actually a piece of metal enclosed in insulating plastic. There are holes at both ends for the wire to be inserted. There are screws for fastening or loosening, such as two wires. Sometimes Need to connect, sometimes need to disconnect, then you can use the terminal to connect them, and can be disconnected at any time, without having to weld or twist them together, it is very convenient and quick. And it is suitable for a large number of wire interconnections. In the electric power industry, there are special terminal blocks and terminal boxes, all of which are connected terminals, single-layer, double-layer, current, voltage, ordinary, breakable, and so on. A certain crimping area is to ensure reliable contact and to ensure that sufficient current can pass.


Terminals can be divided into WUK terminal, European terminal series, plug-in terminal series, transformer terminal, building wiring terminal, fence terminal series, spring terminal series, track terminal series, through wall Type terminal series, photoelectric coupling terminal series, 110 terminal, 205 terminal, 250 terminal, 187 terminal, OD2.2 ring terminal, 2.5 ring terminal, 3.2 ring terminal, 4.2 ring terminal, 2 ring terminal , 6.4 ring terminal, 8.4 ring terminal, 11 ring terminal, 13 ring terminal flag series terminal and sheath series, various ring terminals, tubular terminals, wiring terminals, copper strip iron strip (2-03, 4-03, 4-04, 6-03, 6-04) etc.

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