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Skills possessed by qualified PLC technicians

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Skills possessed by qualified PLC technicians 

PLC technicians are experts in providing the basic services of keeping your company’s PLC system working. Their professionalism and expertise ensure that your system works as intended and does not suffer from constant failures. Since PLC’s handle complex data, they need to be in control complete so that the system is well-maintained.

When looking for your next technician, you should have a certain set of criteria in mind in order to find the right one to troubleshoot your system. Here are the top skills every qualified PLC technician should possess..

Strong Problem Solving, Change Management, And Communication Skills

Working in the electrical field means every PLC technician has to be able to fully grasp electrical designs, concepts, and theories to make them knowledgeable about the field. It also entails full knowledge about circuit board layout and fabrication in compliance with the EMI/EMC..

Along with strong technical skills, good communication skills also work to meet with global standards in providing solutions to companies that work across the world. This ensures correct relay of messages and the necessary team coordination and solving skills to make tasks easier..

A Good Programming Knowledge Necessary for Job Functions

Qualified PLC technicians are not just good technicians, but they are also highly skilled in basic programming languages. Good technicians understand basic and advanced computer languages including MS Office, MS Project, Visio, Autocad, and SAP among others.

These are all part of the PLC technician’s curriculum during their training years and is something he has mastered in order to be a certified PLC technician. Training and experience are also good measures of how competent they are with their profession.

An Ability to Work Under Pressure

As with every industry, being a PLC technician needs an ability work under pressure. This is an essential skill required for the job as the demand to create cost-effective solutions that are both usable, efficient, and practical is the company’s primary goal for having a programmable logic controller.

It also requires an ability to lead and supervise projects needed to maintain the PLCs functions as problems are bound to occur with its constant use. A good knowledge about environmental, health, and safety requirements to ensure the machine runs optimally and in safe operating conditions is one of the most crucial skills you need to acquire.

Capacity to Work Simultaneously on Various Projects

Being a multi-tasker is one big skill needed for the job as a qualified PLC technician. Because the work involves system maintenance and various other electrical supports, you need to be able to work simultaneously when problems arise.

This also means preparing backup plans in cases when the system fails and being prepared when an impending system failure is about to happen. Quality troubleshooting is critical to this. Having personal effectiveness, team skills, and an enhanced project management ability are not just skills but traits you should possess to be a good PLC technician.

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