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Siemens LOGO!8.2 product highlights (1)

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I. Overview
LOGO! 8.2, newly launched by Siemens, is an upgraded and replacement version of LOGO! 8. While inheriting the powerful functions of LOGO! 8, it also incorporates new product features. Among them, LOGO! 8.2 host module integrates the Web Server function. Users can use the newly released web page configuration software LOGO! Web Editor V1.0 to realize user-defined web pages without HTML programming experience. In addition, the programming software LOGO! Soft Comfort V8.2 has more powerful functions, a more friendly interface, and is fully compatible with the old version of the LOGO! program, enabling seamless migration of projects and completing project engineering configuration easily and conveniently. The following article will introduce you to the product highlights of Siemens LOGO! 8.2 for your reference during use.
2. Product Highlights of Siemens LOGO! 8.2
Siemens LOGO! 8.2 has more powerful functions and a better user experience. Its features are as follows:
(1) It has 8 types of host modules, supporting different voltage types. Users can choose the host module with a display screen;
(2) More than 40 callable function blocks are integrated into the software
(3) The host integrates 8 digital inputs, 4 of which integrate 4 analog inputs
(4) The host integrates 4 digital outputs, providing relay or transistor output types.
(5) Flexible expansion, maximum configuration: 24 DI, 20 DO, 8 AI, 8 AO
(6) The basic host has an integrated display, supports 6 lines of text display, and provides three backlight colors (white, orange, red)
(7) Integrated Ethernet port, supports Modbus TCP/IP communication, users can achieve easy networking, efficient interconnection, and flexibly configure various networks
(8) Integrated data retention function, which can maintain current data in case of power outage, making it convenient for users to store data.
(9) The allowed working environment temperature of the module is extended to 20°C to +55°C, allowing it to be used in more workplaces.
3. Summary
To sum up, Siemens LOGO! 8.2 is easy to use and economical. Compared with the previous LOGO! version, the new version adds more functions and more friendly configurations, making it easier for users to master the Siemens LOGO! module when using it, and better apply the Siemens LOGO! module in various automation control systems to give full play to its advantages. greater effect. This article introduces the Siemens LOGO! 8.2 product highlights, users can refer to it when configuring. If you need to better understand how to use Siemens LOGO!, please contact us and we will better provide relevant technical support.
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