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Delta held InfoComm China 2017 Media meeting

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Delta in the field of international audio and video the most professional and most important China International audio-visual integration equipment and technology exhibition --InfoComm China 2017 grand occasion, to "create a new chapter" as the theme, through the innovative technology and star products , As well as worldwide video and surveillance integration program success stories, show Delta long-term in the field of video technology work hard results. In 2016 Delta video in the world to create a number of success stories, including: Huawei's Huawei Global Technical Support Center to create the world's largest DLP large screen display and monitoring system, China Guangzhou International Lighting Festival outdoor lighting large-scale project projection solution As well as South Korea, the United States, Britain, Canada, India and other global multi-Delta video display program, throughout the traffic command, education, smart city, exhibition and other important areas, fully demonstrated Delta's leading position and excellent strength.

"In 2017, Delta Video will continue to lead the way in the global market, introducing a comprehensive and complete" 4K display and control solution "from image processing to visualization, with a more forward-looking approach, said Mr. Fu Jie, general manager of Delta's video division. Display technology and more diversified products, providing users with more complete product and application solutions. In addition, Fu Jie has always been grateful to the media friends for their attention: "Delta as one of the world's top five manufacturers of DLP chip technology, DLP products in the field has been leading the development of technology and provide excellent product solutions in this InfoComm China 2017, we showcase the world's leading 4K DLP laser display unit, the quality of the whole, the overall effect is very eye-catching; with a new generation of 4K display control system (DVCS), will become the control room and monitoring industry, the highest specifications of the solution. "The new 18,000 lumens high brightness laser projectors and 4K laser projectors will also present a stunning visual feast."

In addition to "4K display control solution", in recent years, Delta video in the field of large data visualization is also quite successful application. To the above-mentioned Xi'an Huawei Global Technical Support Center (GTAC) "the world's largest screen", for example, Delta Group - Zhongda Dentsu video systems product director Zhu Li pointed out: in the era of large data, the construction of large-scale command and control Large screen, is definitely not to "simple signal piled on the wall display" only, how the global, abstract, massive heterogeneous data into an intuitive visual representation, to help managers timely and effective decision-making and remote control is particularly important. Delta video provides and integrates a wide range of display units, visual display systems, intelligent industry solutions, and strive for more users to achieve large data age visual management.

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