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Engineer story sharing(13)

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When we were a little electrician, we were so passionate about our work and curious about our profession.

Electrician newcomers, first of all, do the miscellaneous, help the old electrician to be the guardian, hand tools, take the multimeter, put the cable, collar materials, do the start time is almost 1-3 months. But it depends on your learning ability, how is the relationship with the master, the relationship is good, he is willing to teach you, you can learn quickly.

In the beginning time, it is when you and your colleagues have a relationship. When you pass the internship time, your master will arrange some, connect the socket, repair the workshop lighting, check the simple motor forward and reverse control, self-protection circuit. Faults, replacement switches, contactors, limit switches, etc., let you touch some simple circuits, cultivate your independent maintenance ability and courage, why should we have courage here? Because electricity is a dangerous substance after all, it can't be seen, and it can't be touched. One second can abolish one person, so we will always be safety first.

Everyone starts with simple electricity, can't jump, must learn to learn, what is AC, what is DC, resistance, capacitance, reactance, current, voltage, etc., understand the safety voltage to Dangerous voltage (current), clear the basic concept, understand the simple logic control, and be skilled, so that you can practice independently, and occasionally we have to climb the pole to repair the line fault, the workshop: frequent maintenance 80 tons, 120 tons of large-scale driving, in the days when I was an electrician, I felt that the control of driving was more complicated, and it was a test of one person.

In 2006, many factories used inverters on the roads. Therefore, at the time, our control of vehicles was also a complex variable speed control system composed of relatively old contactors and many air delay contacts, switches, etc., and the control part was very Huge, the line is very chaotic, without drawings, relying on their own professional skills and experience to deal with the problem, it is very difficult to troubleshoot the problem, once because of a wrong line, put a gun (electrical short circuit), our three electricians in the electric control cabinet I flew out and exaggerated a bit, but it was really scared. After that, I paid great attention to learning. When I got off work every day, I often read professional books, collected all the professional books in college, researched every day, practiced every day, and achieved what I learned.

Because I have a good foundation, good performance, high savvy, proactive, love thinking, dealing with problems, and being faster than others, the leaders also like it very much, so after 45 days of younger brother (small electrician), I was promoted to The squad leader. That was the day after I graduated in July 2006. I was an intern. People who were not full during the internship period would be promoted. With the team, what a glorious thing, I am even at school. The squad leader has never been seen, which makes me more confident and more aggressive. Many college students who have joined me have become my younger brothers. They are better than me when they are at school. This may be God’s will. It is life.

I have only now realized that the opportunity of the squad leader changed my life. It was the first step to becoming an engineer. The most important beginning. At that time, I did not think so far. At that time, I envied those experiences 2 to 5. The old electrician of the year, the reason is very simple. In our eyes, they are very capable, very prestige and very respected. At the same time of envy, I found my dreams. I want to be the same people, learn their skills, and surpass them. Successful engineers, I seem to have inspiration in the midst of it, knowing where to go in the future, I Why do you work, what can you give me, and what skills I should learn, I understand. Later, I worked ten times more than others and continued to specialize. Soon, I found that I was different and changed a lot. People in our technical team often secretly compete, they can't handle the faults, I always deal with them quickly, this is efficiency, this is different, this is value. Hard work pays off, slowly, I found confidence. Later, I regarded work as a career, not just for life. My ideals are farther away. My heart is burning and learning is very fast. The performance I created in the electrician group is, no matter I am the first to repair, technical reform, or control upgrade.

By chance, the company will set up an automation technology department to select elites in various electrical departments. Undoubtedly, I was hired and also served as the squad leader. The opportunity is really reserved for those who are prepared. The short three-month electrician career ended like this. It is hard to forget, and it has gained a lot. It has laid a good foundation for his future road.

Automation is a brand-new technology, a modern technology, and the technology that many electricians dream of is a new step for me. In the days of automation, I began to learn about automation, various instruments, sensors, transmitters, inverters, plc, configuration software, communication technology, computer application technology and so on. In the automation department, I learned a lot, participated in countless installations, commissioning, technical transformation and other projects, accumulated a lot of experience, and has been sent to Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing and other cities for many times.

Automation is also an important turning point in changing my destiny. Every experience is not superfluous. Every road is my only way. In 2009, I was promoted to the head of the Automation Section with a salary of 3,200/month. Automation is over to the section chief, and I am starting to find a new path that suits me.

Later, I felt that automation is not my destination. Automation is only part of my life. I want to realize the engineer's dream. The skills I have at the moment are not enough. I need to continue my studies and I can't stop learning. I don't know why, I got a lot at the time. In 2009, I was 26 years old, I went to the section chief, my salary went to 3200, and my 22 brothers, but I didn't feel satisfied at all, but I always felt a sense of crisis. Existence, I have been thinking, thinking for a long time, figured out, or I know too little, it is a frog at the bottom of the well, I can not compare with people around, to compare with the national electrical technicians, I still need to continue to learn all walks of life The electrical core technology.

So, in 2010, I started to have a bold idea: I want to change jobs! Let go of everything that you have now, leave those good brothers, good buddies, good leaders, go to other places to start your own business, go to a new environment, learn in new industries.

In October 2010, I submitted my resignation letter, which was questioned by many people. They didn't know why I was leaving, saying that I was crazy, and even my wife didn't understand me. The company raised the salary to save me, but I decided to leave.

In November 2010, I joined a tobacco joint-stock company and worked as an electrical technician with an annual income of about 75,000. Here to explain, the industry I started in is a steel company with a scale of more than 4,000 people.

In October of 2013, just three years ago, I learned the core skills of the company, and I resigned.

In November 2013, I went to the beer production company to learn new skills. The automation of this industry is very high. There are a lot of servo control systems applied here. It is worth learning. It is good to learn the servo. In the future, we can develop into robot design or the development of intelligent automation equipment. It should be very promising. The technology of robots has reached a very high level in the field of automation technology, reaching the top application of today's electrical technology, learning to become an expert in the future, very popular, and a high-paying industry, this is my dream. . Here, the company gave me the title of electrical engineer, with an annual income of about 100,000. Along the way, I have met many people and I have offended many people. Many of the people in the workplace are greasy and dirty things are not much to say. Everyone knows that you want to be invincible. You have to be invincible. Some people have competition. There are various means of competition, and what kind of gangs are there. Provocatively, the enemies will be enemies, and the brothers will turn into enemies. Anyway, there are all things in life. I have tasted everything. I have been counted by my brothers. I was overwhelmed by the leaders. I was overwhelmed by my colleagues. I was overwhelmed by others. I was also worshipped and glorious. Many brothers listen to their orders every day and have a sense of accomplishment.

Today, I chose to be a family, to fight everywhere, to accumulate experience, and everything in the past has been a cloud of the past. Now I am 32 years old, living with my family every day, being peaceful, living quietly, working day to day. , get off work, pick up and drop off children, cook.

Tired, don't want to run!

Technology, one sentence: live to the old, learn to be old, learning is endless! If you continue, you will drive yourself crazy. Now, I want to go to school as an electrical automation professional teacher, or go to the electrical automation skills training institution to train a few young people. I think my experience can fully cultivate a new generation of automation engineers.

Want to be an engineer and become the top technician in this profession:

(1) First of all, you should like this major. Only you like it. It is easy and easy to learn.

(2) Taking technology research as a hobby, new discoveries, new harvests, and persistence every day. A good technician is less than five years.

(3) Choosing a good job, the environment is very important.

(4) Dare to change jobs, the purpose is to learn more, learn the core of control in various fields, and also increase income. All said that high wages are jumped out, not waiting.

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