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Engineer story sharing(14)

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Last month, there were factory customers applying for on-site services for WinCC communication drivers. There is nothing special about the technology, but the process feels somewhat meaningful and I will share it with you.

Before leaving, regional colleagues repeatedly stressed that the factory's customers are large in scale and strict in management. In principle, it is not allowed to carry any stuff that can copy and carry information. In fact, it is not allowed to be brought in, but it is not allowed to bring it out. I heard that some of my company colleagues didn't take it seriously. I took the company's laptop computer and went to discuss the plan with others. When the result came out, it was deducted by the security guard. If I said that I couldn't do it, I could only find the company to come forward. The company sent a letter to the factory to ask for it. After the two sides came back and forth for a few months, they were counted back to Zhao.

The department I went to is relatively loosely managed, but I have to follow the above principles, but the mobile phone is not prohibited. After communicating with the customer, there is no WinCC environment available for the site, but a computer can be provided for installation. Since the hard disk cannot be carried, only the installation CD can be prepared. Just in case, I will have already installed WinCC. The virtual machine is compressed into a CD, and there are many N attachments, tools and data files. As everyone knows, WinCC is huge, and I have a total of 6 DVD-9s.

When I arrived at the scene, the atmosphere didn't look as tense as the legend, but I didn't dare to take risks. I only took the CD to the department's office. The computer commonly used by customers is a strict domain management mechanism. The installation software should be reported at the reporting level. The server used for the site is not in the scope of domain management, but the operating system does not meet the installation conditions of WinCC. If the operating system is reinstalled, It takes at least 4~5 hours to install STEP7 and WinCC. I believe everyone has experience. I am glad to bring a virtual machine, first install VMware Player (free version, no special requirements for the operating system), then copy the virtual machine compressed file on the CD, and then decompress, less than an hour and a half, a virtual machine of more than 20 G It's running.

After giving the customer some basic training on communication and other components, the customer proposed to connect to the PLC test at the site. After configuring the bridge between the virtual machine and the server network card, WinCC can collect the data of the field PLC through Ethernet. . The customer is very satisfied with the whole service, especially the use of the virtual machine has opened the eyes of the user, so I introduced the application of WinCC in virtualization to the customer.

Through this on-site service, I feel that the virtual machine can not only do experiments in the office, but also play the role of the engineering station in the field: because the hardware and software environment of the site does not necessarily meet the installation conditions of the PLC programming software and the host computer software, Direct application of existing virtual machines saves time and effort, and can fulfill most functional requirements. Finally, you can negotiate with customers to delete or retain virtual machine files.
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