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Environmental requirements for installing PLC control cabinet

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With the increasing application range of PLC control cabinets, the demand for PLC control cabinets in the industrial industry is also higher and higher. For example, the installation of PLC control cabinets requires strict attention to the influence of ambient temperature, so install PLC control cabinets. What are the requirements for ambient temperature?
The use environment temperature of PLC control cabinet is related to the use temperature of the components, usually should be in the range of 5℃~40℃. On the other hand, in non-forced cooling control cabinets with natural cooling, etc., due to the space saving of equipment and systems And miniaturization, the cabinet itself is also miniaturized, so the temperature inside the cabinet and the outside temperature of the cabinet can sometimes be higher than 10℃~15℃ from experience. Therefore, it is necessary to address the installation place and the heating problem in the cabinet. Take the following countermeasures. To ensure that the temperature in the cabinet does not exceed the operating temperature range of the unit, you should try to keep a sufficient temperature margin to use it within the temperature range with margin.
   High-temperature natural air-cooled type (rely on natural ventilation by the blinds on the top and bottom of the cabinet) When installing into the cabinet, it is a good way to not use cooling equipment such as fans and air conditioners.
  At this time, the points to note about the installation of the PLC control cabinet are as follows:
   1. Do not install on the upper part of the cabinet where hot air collects
  2. In order to ensure the ventilation space, the upper and lower parts should be kept at a sufficient distance from other equipment, wiring ducts, etc.
  3. Do not install in a direction other than the specified direction (such as vertical or upside down), otherwise it will cause abnormal heating inside the PLC
  4. Do not install directly above equipment that generates a lot of heat such as heaters, transformers, large-capacity resistors, etc.
  . Avoid direct sunlight
  ①Forced ventilation type (rely on the fan in the upper part of the cabinet for forced ventilation)
  ②Forced circulation type (relying on the fan in a closed cabinet for forced circulation ventilation)
  ③The overall cooling method of the room (the overall cooling of the room where the control cabinet is placed with an air conditioner), the relationship between the environmental conditions and the cooling method is as follows:
   Install the PLC control cabinet in a room with little dust → ① or ② install it in a dusty place → ③ or ④.
   The ambient temperature has some influence on the PLC control cabinet. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the PLC control cabinet, factors such as ambient temperature and humidity must be considered, and the design must be comprehensive.

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