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The difference between SIMATIC series PLC and FPI series PLC

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Siemens programming software and program structure

    1. Programming software

    Siemens provides many kinds of programming software for SIMATIC series PLC, mainly including STEPMICRO/DOS and STEPMICRO/WIN; STEPmini; standard software package STEP7.

    The PLC programming language of the S7 series is very rich, including LAD, STL, SCL, GRAPH, HIGRAPH, CFC, etc. Users can choose one language for programming, or mix and use several languages for programming if necessary.

    2. Program structure

    The program structure is mainly applicable to S7-3000 and S7-400, and it has 3 programming methods including linear programming, stepwise programming and structured programming.

    FPI series programmable controller is a small PLC product of Matsushita Electric Works of Japan.

    FPI programming software and instruction system

    1. Programmatically

    NPST-GR provides three programming modes: ladder diagram mode; statement list mode and statement expression mode.

    2. Annotation function

    NPST-GR can add comments to I/O relays and output points, so that users can clearly understand the corresponding equipment of the relay and the purpose of the relay.

    3. Program check

    NPST-GR can find grammatical errors in the program and perform program verification

    4. monitor

    NPST-GR can monitor the programs compiled by users, and can carry out running tests. Users can check the working status of relays, registers, and PLC, so as to facilitate debugging and modification.

    5. System register settings

    NPST-GR can set the contents of N0.0-N0.418 system registers, and select or input according to the prompt information on the screen, which is simple and convenient.

    6. I/O and remote I/O address allocation

    Use NPST-GR to assign I/O and remote I/O addresses to each slot on the host expansion board

    7. Data management

    Data management can save programs or data for data backup, or temporarily store data before being transferred to PLC. In the programming application of the two, Siemens has a single bus, while Japan's Panasonic has a double bus;

    In addition, the input and output of Siemens and Panasonic are also different. Panasonic only has X input and only Y output.

    In fact, the languages are interlinked, that is, the methods are different, and the two can be converted into each other.

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