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The petroleum chemical industry users point of praise of Schneider electric

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Beijing, April 16, 2015 -- today, the global specialist in energy management, "the first of Schneider electric in the petroleum chemical industry instrument and automation users of the brand research award" was awarded the "most popular PLC Petrochemical eight best brand enterprise", "most of the oil chemical users DCS eight best brand enterprise", "Petrochemical user pressure gauge potential brand enterprise" three awards. The award, reflected in the majority of petrochemical industry highly recognized by the user on the Schneider Electric brand and process automation technology, products and systems.

The contest by the Chinese Instrument Society of product information working committee, Chinese Instrument Society of energy-saving technology branch, "instrumentation" magazine jointly initiated and implemented, in the petroleum chemical industry with a solid foundation and influence of user participation, reflect the feedback and evaluation of the overall industry users. Activities aimed at summing up a number of excellent quality, outstanding ability, comprehensive solution of service ability of the enterprise brand, provide a useful reference for the petrochemical industry users, design units, to better promote the development of the whole industry.
In recent years, the "two integration" of the trend of the development of petroleum and chemical industry planning plays a deep impact, industrial users in the process optimization, equipment maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection, industrial safety and the whole life cycle of service and other aspects of the upgrade requirements continue to emerge. Schneider electric with the above requirements the insight and the accumulation of years of industry, the depth of integration of continuous technological innovation and business team, become a specialist in process automation, process of energy management and services throughout the life cycle. The launch of the PlantStruxureTM Foxboro Evo, collaborative automation system? Process automation products and systems, as well as the world's first ePAC product M580 and a series of innovative, but the majority of users by the automation of the process including the petrochemical enterprises, welcome and trust, but also make the award well deserved.
Schneider electric industry business process automation market director Ma Lefeng said: "the petroleum chemical industry lean development closely in recent years, intelligent and energy saving and environmental protection and other topics, in the aspects of safety, reliability and also reflects the industry characteristic of the stringent requirements of. Schneider electric to harvest the industry highly recognized by users, so we feel very honored. The solution in the future process automation users Schneider Electric will include petroleum and chemical enterprises, to provide more innovative and more professional service, for the practice of the transformation and upgrading of the road to contribute more power."

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