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Delta counter the first product to service of Shanghai Mobile

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Shanghai Whirlpool IDC room is the largest data center in the construction of Shanghai mobile group, and is a key construction project of China Mobile group. In the planning and design, will use the network cabinet of more than 5000 aircraft, the project completed in three phases. In the first phase of the project, delta group - in the Dentsu Inc won the bid, with 28 240V DC counter the first and 30 frame 380V exchange counter the first for Shanghai Whirlpool IDC room. The bid has fully proved the applicability and reliability of the product at the same time delta, delta cabinet products in a leading position in the data center market.

The core value of delta intelligent AC / DC column headers cabinet series product is responsible for monitoring the bus voltage, the input and output of the shunt current and state information, at the same time, the monitoring unit by RS485 communication bus and the monitoring and control of power system communication module and the delta. Products rich, prominent features: supporting / independent use of single and double busbar; support structure; support optional full Chinese 240 x 128 (15 x 8 LCD Chinese characters); measuring support bus voltage, load current display; measuring environment temperature display; state detection support input switch, switch and output arrester; support the load flow alarm function, and the alarm value can be set to provide power and energy statistics; function; shunt analog, switch the number can be flexibly configured detection; alarm content can be customized dry contact; in addition, DC column headers cabinet can not only measure the insulation of DC system unipolar or bipolar decline and the insulation resistance value can be accurately measured, with shunt or branching polarity decreased insulation and insulation resistance value.

The project bidding, delta group - Zhongda Dentsu Inc can easily defeat the rival bid, is the advantage of relying on Delta solutions have advantages, according to customer requirements: the project bidding, delta provides a scheme for optimal products supply; the price advantage, according to the tender requirements, Delta and optimize the system cost the highest price, scheme; customer advantage, to maintain long-term good customer relations with Shanghai mobile; service advantage, to the nearest to the customers with the most rapid and high quality service.
Delta cabinet products in the IDC market has been an excellent reputation and market share. The bid, not only brought the demonstration effect, for the subsequent product promotion, it laid a solid foundation for the market to maintain the leading position for the Delta in the data center market.
The use of the item in the delta DPS UPS for typical high power density UPS. 200kVA products only covers an area of about 0.73 square meters, can satisfy the stringent requirements of space on the floor. In terms of performance, DPS UPS is a high performance UPS, efficiency up to 96%, reached the top level, the user can save a lot of electricity. This product adopts the dual input, auxiliary power supply system for dual redundancy, and can be replaced by online fan design, greatly improving the availability of UPS. Moreover, the whole power supply system can realize N+X dual bus redundancy, with the power supply scheme, to meet the modern data center for high reliability of the increasingly stringent requirements. At the same time, the configuration of isolation transformer can meet the demand of the project, at the same time, its excellent performance has also been highly recognized by users in many industries.
The competition is intense, the mainstream domestic brands have to participate in the competition. Finally, in the same group of experts on the evaluation of user, product scheme and delta delta outstanding, rich experience in the industry to obtain the user's recognition, and successfully won the bid.
Previously, the Taizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Information Center Room in 2006 was equipped with 2 sets of 80kVA UPS devices, with the increase of the load, the UPS is already close to saturation, the normal operation of the information center appear safe hidden trouble. Considering the high requirements for the reliability of the information center of the room, and the future development needs of public security information, the information center of Taizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau implemented the comprehensive reconstruction project.
In this project, in addition to the delta offers a variety of products and solutions, but also on the information center of power were optimized using and management environment, a substantial increase in the information center system equipment operation and maintenance level. In this project, the delta to product quality and service to win praise Public Security Bureau Information Center leadership in Taizhou city. The center has also become a local industry users and the expansion of the new data center provides a successful case reference directly.

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